The Future of Snackable Content

At SXSW this year I was happy to have a panel on the Future of Snackable Content. To introduce it, I had a beautiful deck (thanks in no small part to the JESS3 design team). There was no shortage of comments in person and over Twitter about the pleasure of finally seeing a well-designed deck in a SXSWi session. I hope that others begin to do this more. A hastily thrown-together Powerpoint says something to a crowd. It says “I don’t care enough about this, or you, to have spent time making this awesome.”

The basic question being addressed in my panel was based on the trend of popular content becoming quicker, more snackable, and less long-form in general. Of course there are exceptions, but the way people communicate and browse the web seems to be trending smaller, faster and more bite-size. And what does that mean for content producers of all different kinds?

In order to help tackle that question I enlisted the help of some people whose opinion I trust on this matter:


We covered the topic from all different angles thanks to each panelists areas of expertise, and the conversation and questions from the audience were great. Apologies for taking so long to post the deck, but we wanted to take some time to add an addendum with a bit of the conversation and questions that were spurred over Twitter during the panel.

Of course it’s hard to capture the depth and breadth of a conversation like that, but the questions posed in the first part of the deck are appropriate for everyone to think about. No matter what you’re planning or working on, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a few minutes thinking about how your content strategy fits into these trends, or perhaps bucks them intentionally in a way that you feel will succeed.

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