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by Brad Cohen


Online Identity and the Bear Deluxe

The Bear Deluxe is a print magazine dedicated to environmental writing, literature, and visual art that is based out of Portland, Oregon. I was invited to help JESS3 create the inside covers for issue #33 – The Identity Issue. Social media overload is a real thing. The democratization of content creation, and an overload of potential channels to produce for and consume from is that identity gets lost. Two very real dangers related to this are losing track of who you are in a bid to become something for other people, and forgetting that we are connected to the natural world around while we’re heads down and behind our various screens.

The concept was to pair a variety of social media platforms with animals and/or species that could be imagined to be using them. But it’s also meant to be fun and interesting and great design / illustration work as well.

Some of the accounts featured in the illustration are real and have been handed over to the Bear Deluxe for them to hopefully continue to use in some fun ways, like @HornyInJava – everyone’s favorite loneliest Javan Rhino. Please take a look, and if you live in the Pacific Northwest or are staying at an Ace Hotel sometime soon, keep an eye out for the most recent issue of the Bear Deluxe.


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