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by Jesse Thomas


A Tribute to Whitney Houston

R.I.P. Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

Great song by the one and only Twista and The Legendary Traxster, in tribute to Whitney.

Her death came too soon. We’ll always remember her through these classics, picked out by JESS3ers:

Jenny and Florencio: “I’m Every Woman” 
Whitney made “I’m Every Woman” mega-famous. My mom watched Oprah religiously and I remember when they made this opening title switch it was like adding cake on top of cake –  too much of a good thing. 4pm comes around and to this day I hear a little Whitney whispering. – Florencio

Alix: “I’m Your Baby Tonight”
I won the top prize at a “celebrity karaoke” night judged by Tommy Hillfiger, Lydia Hearst and Pete Wentz by singing “I’m Every Woman” when I first started as a receptionist at my old job in 2007.

Whitney is always my go-to for karaoke except for this song (“I’m your baby tonight”) which has an impossible amount of words crammed into it, but has always been one of my favorites. The part of the video where she sings to the tiny man dancing in the glass made me laugh out loud through my weepiness when I heard the news on Saturday.

Nikki: “I Will Always Love you”
The Bodyguard was one of my mom’s favorite movies and Whitney Houston, one of her favorite artists. When she passed I was asked by the rest of my family to put together a few songs that I felt represented her life; the things she loved, the way she lived.

I requested “I Will Always Love You” be played for her. The power and sorrow of the song still holds true now. Saying goodbye to someone you love is extremely difficult, especially if it is not what the other person wants.  My mom was only a few years older than Whitney when she passed and I think this song will always be the one that stays with me. It is also a good representation of who Whitney was and will always be in our hearts.

Leslie: I bought the soundtrack on iTunes this weekend and have been listening to it on loop.

Mona: “How Will I Know”
80’s Whitney has always been my favorite throughout the decades. So while I can’t pick an absolute number one, “How Will I Know” is up there and I came across this version last night that isolates the vocals… amazing.

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