If You’re Going to CES to Find Out What’s Next, You’re Already Behind

Props to Ian Schafer for saying so succinctly what I’ve felt every time I go to CES.

For the last two years, 3D TVs have been all that anyone is talking about. And yet, you still need lame glasses. And then socially-integration was all the rage — from TVs to cameras, electronics manufacturers couldn’t wait to slap a Twitter, Facebook and YouTube sticker on their products as if to say: “see, we are hip.” But when I spent time talking to the floor reps, not only did they not have smart answers about what the integrations (read: stickers) meant, but the things were buggy and wouldn’t work when we tried to use it together.

And to be fair (and quote my boy Saj): “Very true…same for SxSW/Magic/ComiCon…SO last week.”

via @IanSchafer

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