JESS3’s Favorite Beatles Songs


It was 31 years ago today that one of music’s greatest innovators was taken too early. JESS3 remembers John Lennon by sharing our favorite song by The Beatles as a tribute to his memory and to those that share his vision.

Bonnie: Not an aficionado, but “With a Little Help from My Friends” is awesome.

Lydia: I like “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer“, because it’s sadistic with a smile on its face. Just like me! (jk…..kind of)

Brad: “Band on the Run!” That was the Beatles, right? No, but seriously…”Blackbird.” I must have listened to it thousands of times.

Becca: Their version of “Blackbird”, so so so great. Also favorites: “Hey Jude“, “Octopus’ Garden“, “Something“, “Because.”

Kris: “When I’m Sixty Four.” It was one of the first songs i learned the lyrics to because my mom used to sing it to me in the car.

Leslie: “Yesterday“. I played the alto sax and soprano sax in middle school and loved jamming on both to this tune. Fifteen years later, I finally get what the song means.

Chris: “Saw Her Standing There“. My friends and I used to run a blog that fantasy drafted non-sports things. We did a beatles song draft.

Alix: Though I was previously traumatized by a college boyfriend who refused to listen to anything but the Beatles, I’ve recently been able to tolerate some songs without cringing. One of them I was partially named after: my middle name is an homage to a Beatles song my parents especially loved – thankfully it wasn’t “Eleanor Rigby” or “Dear Prudence” but simply, “Julia“.

Simon: I once played one of the Beatles in a school play in the first grade. We played “She Loves You“. I fake-played a guitar and I’m sure i was very cute doing it.

Lauren: I’ve “Just Seen a Face” is my favorite song as it reminds me when I first met my husband. It was almost our wedding dance song!

Jesse: I love the John Lennon songs “Imagine” and “Jealous Guy.”

Lydia Wallbaum is Production Coordinator at JESS3, follow her on Twitter @LydiaWallbaum.

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