/me Makes Google Chat Fun Again

Just when Google’s chat function has gotten to be a standard part of the day and business as usual, there are still some easter eggs in the functionality to make it feel fun and fresh again.

If you start an entry with “/me” it will post the message in the italicized grey font normally used for status updates like “Brad is typing…” Start using it while you can – it’s a lot more fun when the other person has never seen it before. If you can’t think of a prank to play, try this one out – this is straight from Jesse Thomas’s personal strategy for messing with us…

In the middle of a conversation, type “/me is typing… forever…” and then do nothing for a while. It will mimic the notification for when you are typing, and hopefully they just sit there for a while wondering what is happening before starting to question.

But hurry up! People are already learning about this, and your time to mess with them is running out. Just look at what happened when I tried to mess with Zach Golden.

Brad Cohen is the Director of Strategy at JESS3. Follow him @supnah.

[Disclosure: Google is a client of JESS3.]

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