11 Art Favorites from 2011

In no particular order, a roundup of work and projects from friends and strangers, in person and on the web, that I loved this year (click on images for more).

MATTHEW PALLADINO – Night (Frederick and Freiser, New York)


SNEJINA LATEV – Heads (Brooklyn, NY)


PATRICK GRIFFIN – Nice Day (Journal Gallery, Brooklyn)


PAUL KWIATKOWSKI – Haitian Vodou (Haiti)


HORFE – Behind The Tree (Paris, France)


ANDREW KUO – Flower Face 4 (Taxter and Spengemann, New York)


STEVE POWERS – All I Need is You and New Shoes (Brooklyn, NY)


ANISH KAPOOR – Leviathan (Grand Palais, Paris)


JOSH MAUPIN – The Island of the Gods (Bali, Indonesia)


CAITLIN FOSTER – yuki-onna.


HUEY CROWLEY РAntonio (Brooklyn, NY)


Alix McAlpine is JESS3’s Director of Engagement. Follow her @alixmcalpine.

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