Halloween Fun Comes Early To JESS3 DC


Nothing gets me in the Halloween spirit like a little competition. This week, the offices of 1707 L Street faced off in a Pumpkin Carving Competition. The entries could fall under one of three categories; most creative, funniest, and scariest. Surprise, surprise, we were shooting for most creative. The ideas were flying around like crazy! They included a “Steve Jobs Tribute Pumpkin” a Finding Nemo inspired Anglo Fish Pumpkin and an Inception inspired “Pumkin-ception of a Pumpkin within a Pumpkin.” But, we all agreed that the JESS3 logo of course had to be included as well.

As we drew the JESS3 logo on the pumpkin surface (thanks to Laura for all of her help!), another idea started to take shape. Since the team knew the 1707 L St Staff would be doing the judging, we decided to play towards our audience (one of our strong suits). Our building has been under constant construction, including our bathrooms for the past 4 months. Chris O. and other strategy team members decided to take advantage of this fact, and use our pumpkin as an inside joke to the building staffers (see images below for context). As a result, we set our hopes on the “funniest” prize.

JESS3′s “under construction” pumpkin design faced off against 9 other designs. All were well thought out, nicely designed, and gave us a run for our money. In the end, JESS3 took home the “funniest” pumpkin and savored the dozen cupcake prize. Congrats to all of the competitors, winners and Happy Halloween!













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