First Look at Google+

We’re getting an early look at Google+ here at the JESS3 offices. A lot of the early buzz (pun intended) notes that Google+ (Google Plus for SEO purposes) is an answer to Facebook. Playing with it for the past two days, I’d have to agree – although at this early stage it’s like Facebook with only 4 friends…and no brand pages…and no Farmville (thankfully).

The killer pieces here are the integration of Google features like gchat, video chat and Buzz. I’m loving that it displays photo galleries in a treemap, though I can’t figure out why certain photos have precedence over others. It looks great though. Finally, I’m super pumped about the use of Google Circles, which is a never-been-done approach to organizing the newsfeed. Think Facebook meets Twitter lists with a Google flare. Good stuff!

Some early screenshots:


Photo Gallery Treemap!

Profile Page

Welcome Screen

Circles Feature, Drag and Drop Your Friends

Side Nav, Including Gchat

Disclosure: JESS3 proudly works with Google.

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