A new category of advertising? Enter Kiip.

Just this past week, stealth startup Kiip finally came out of its shell and announced both their initial product offering, as well as $4 million in Series A funding. Then again, it seems like this is daily news in our industry, but Kiip is a truly interesting company.

Technology is known for changing at rapid speeds (for the most part), but one category that really hasn’t changed has been advertising. In a world of disruption and innovation, you would think that new advertising technology would be blooming, but it’s the same old display ads that have been the phenomenon for many years. But there is a new player in town, and their name is Kiip.

I get a chance to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs and hear their stories and learn about their companies, but very rarely do I get I get blown away by ideas — Kiip was one of those companies that just blew me away. The idea behind Kiip is that we play games a lot on our mobile devices: iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc. For all the time we spend playing these games, wouldn’t it be great if we were rewarded further for unlocking badges or getting a high score? Enter Kiip.

Pople are realizing how big Kiip has the potential be. Brands like popchips, Sephora, Carls Jr., Dr. Pepper and others have already signed up, and the Kiip network includes 15+ million active players. Impressive for a startup that has been stealth for the last seven months.

Kiip’s founder, Brian Wong and his team have been working nonstop for the last seven months building relationships with brands and game publishers, and Kiip’s prime time has come. Now, it’s just a matter of building up the publishers and brands using the platform, and taking it worldwide.

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