JESS3 announces PR, research, and community engagement position

JESS3 has an entry/mid-level position open for PR, research, and community engagement. The position will start as a 20-hour-a-week contract but will quickly expand to a full-time position. While the person wouldn’t be required to come into the JESS3 offices every day, he or she must live in the DC area and be available to come in for briefing on some projects.

What the job will entail: To get an idea for past PR projects, read this case study and also this one. You should also get up to speed on all JESS3 clients to understand the services we provide as a firm.

This person will pitch JESS3 products and client projects to bloggers, journalists, and social media users, with the goal of getting coverage both in major news outlets and within the long tail. Whenever you’re not working directly on a JESS3 project, you’ll be conducting independent research on interesting topic areas, with the end goal of feeding this research to one of our designers so we can make a kick-ass infographic from it. Once the infographic is created and published, it’ll be your job to pitch it to bloggers and get them to embed the infographic in their own posts and articles.

Who we’re looking for: While a background in PR is a plus, we’re most interested in candidates who are firmly entrenched in the online community — whether it’s someone who maintains an active Daily Kos diary, guest blogs for DCist, or has written online for mainstream news outlets. A background in journalism is always great. Just simply having a Twitter and Facebook account won’t cut it. We’re looking for someone with a wide knowledge of which bloggers and journalists cover certain topics. Can you name off the top of your head five tech, progressive, conservative, and entertainment bloggers? One of our first questions to you during the interview will be: “Who do you read and follow?”

How to apply: Send an email to [email protected] with any relevant links and biographical information.

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