Team Up For Autism: Kick-off … and Touch Down!

There’s no accurate way to fully describe the scene of people overcoming their differences to unite for a cause in which they deeply and passionately believe. Whether it’s like freedom movements in Egypt or memories of peace rallies during Vietnam — people come together to evoke change and advancement.

This Saturday, more than 10,000 Floridians joined forces to propel research and funding into autism at the Dan Marino Foundation’s WalkAbout Autism at Sun Life Stadium. The walk was the official kick-off to a monthlong digital campaign, powered by Samsung, for which we designed the website and infographic.

The idea? Every time someone tweeted with #TeamAutism, shared the infographic on Facebook, or checked-in on foursquare to the walk itself of Samsung Experience, Samsung would donate up to $5 up to $100k to the Dan Marino Foundation. In less than 72 hours, the goal was reached, thanks to the active autism network in the online community coming together.

On site for the walk, amidst the swirl of vibrant colors from the kelly green grass on the field contrasted with the Dolphin’s bright sea of orange in the stadium, our team got an insider’s look into campaign kick-off with the Samsung team and Dan Marino himself.

Taking a moment to step outside the digital and into the analog and seeing friends, families, strangers, professional athletes, as well as the young and the old band together under the warm rays of the Florida sunshines was inspirational to say the least.
But after a few steps (1.25 miles to be exact), it was time to get back to the Interwebs via laptops and monitors set up at the Samsung tent on the field for supporters to visit and get to making social actions.

Seeing people lined up at the Samsung tent, waiting to share the JESS3-designed infographic on Facebook was a powerful sight indeed. Beyond that, just knowing that JESS3 was behind the website that would serve as the vehicle for Samsung to donate up to $100k is truly humbling for us as a company. And it’s more than just giving back to a good cause. It’s connecting with a community, it’s listening and learning.

We are an agency not only pushing the limits within our industry, but are fast-applying our approach, ideas and methods to even the most traditional space of all: people helping people.

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