the Twitterverse v1.0

Think you know everything there is to know about the wonderful world of Twitter apps? Since its debut in 2006, Twitter has grown to be an invaluable tool both professionally and socially for its millions of users. In Spring of 2009, we partnered with Brian Solis to create a graphic which mapped out the dozens of applications available to expand and facilitate the Twitter experience. In the months since its release many more have been created and some have vanished and the Twitterverse, like everything else in the ephemeral world of the web, lost some of its relevancy.

Working closely again with Brian Solis, the infographic experts at JESS3 have designed a newly updated and refined Twitterverse (1.0) which displays the myriad of available apps according to their functionality, from branding to event management to searching to geolocation and everything in between. The graphic is available for download on Brian Solis’ site in high res and for purchase in poster form to help you get a head start on that “redecorate the office” New Year’s resolution.

Send an email to Alix McAlpine, JESS3′s Director of Marketing and author of this post, at [email protected].

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