the Yahoo! Year in Review 2010 Infographic

Each year around this time, Yahoo! releases a list of “standout news, pop-culture trends, and search obsessions” culled from the most widely used terms on the popular search engine. The top ten list includes no real surprises: pop stars and actresses, the unescapable Justin Bieber, the equally unescapable BP Oil Plugin, and the nation’s favorite gadget: the iPhone.

Once you delve deeper in the results, however, it’s easy to see there was a handful of standout themes in this year’s news and in the internet’s consciousness: natural disasters, survivor stories, good sports and financial uprisings. To bring these themes and their related search terms to life, Yahoo! asked JESS3 to put together an infographic “poster” which depicts the captivating year that was.

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For the whole 411 on Yahoo’s Year in Review 2010, head to

Written by Alix McAlpine | Director of Marketing, JESS3

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