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by Jesse Thomas


Online Holiday Spending in 2010: $36.4 Billion

As eweek.com reports, “[d]uring the period Oct. 31 to Dec. 24, U.S. consumers spent an estimated $36.4 billion [online], a 15.4 percent year-on-year increase over the 2009 holiday season.”

Photo of the 2010 Christmas windows at NYC’s Bergdorf Goodman store by Tattooed JJ.

To put this in to perspective:

*The US population is approximately 310,540,714. Stated differently, the online holiday spend equates to just about ~$117 per person.

*If the $36.4 billion were used to pay down the US Debt clock (~$13.9 trillion), the holiday spend would reduce the US debt by 0.26%.

*Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2010 cost the global insurance industry $36 billion. (Source)

*In 2002, Microsoft was sitting on $36 billion in cash and short-term securities. (Source)

*South Korea plans to spend $36 billion on clean energy by 2015. (Source)

*ExxonMobile posted a record $36 billion profit in 2005. (Source)

*Sprint paid $36 billion for Nextel, but will phase it out from 2013-2015. (Source)

*Birdwatching contributed $36 billion to the US economy in 2009. (Source)

*Russia’s defense budget in 2010 is $36 billion. (Source)

Spend wisely, and enjoy the holidays!

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