what Google Translate Can’t Translate…Yet

What do an auctioneer, a baby, a hungry tummy, a garbled answering machine message from your mom and thrill seekers on a roller-coaster have in common? All five are the stars of a new series of short Google Translate videos produced by JESS3 that convey the fact that sometimes, communication is more complicated than just words. In thirty seconds each, the simple videos drive home the point that while there are some things Google just can’t translate (yet), Google is able to translate what you’re trying to say most of the time, in 50 languages nonetheless!

The site on which the video series lives encourages viewers to submit their own un-translatable communication via Twitter for a chance at seeing their idea come to life in a sixth Google Translate spot.

Written by Alix McAlpine | Director of Marketing, JESS3

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