Yahoo! Ask America Infographic by JESS3 – America Speaks: the Top Issues by Region

The third in our series of infographics with Yahoo! News Ask America displays America’s most important issues by region, mere days before the upcoming 2010 elections. Interestingly enough, what we’ve found is that Americans seem to be more united in thought than we might expect. In both the Southeast and Western Midwest, Charlie Crist is a hot topic.

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*When asked “Does Charlie Crist represent a need for independent politicians free of partisan motives or is he a turncoat opportunist?,” 66% of the Western Midwest said he represents a need for independent politicians, and 34% said he is a turncoat opportunist. The Southeast was in close agreement. 67% said yes, Crist represents a need for independent politicians free of partisan ties, and 33% said he is a opportunist. In another Southeastern region, 63% said Crist doesn’t represent a need, and 37% said he is an opportunist. Both the West Coast and upper Midwest are interested in what’s happening at the White House.

*When asked, “Can a shake up of the White House staff invigorate Obama’s presidency, or will personnel changes make no difference?,” 74% of the West thought a staff change up will not help, while 26% said it will help, The Upper Midwest agreed — 76% said a shake up will not help, and 24% said it could matter. The Northeast region of the U.S. is focused on the economy.

*When asked, “In an increasingly globalized economy, has the ‘Great Recession’ turned the “American Dream” into an outdated notion,” 54% of them thought the recession had not stopped dreamers while 46% agreed that it had. Near the Great Lakes, 60% said no, while 40% said yes. While the Northeast is more interested in the globalized economy, and the question of the American dream, Texas is showing concern for Wall Street.

Written by Becca Colbaugh | Executive Producer, JESS3 & Nathan Maton | Project Manager, JESS3

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