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by Jesse Thomas


Oil Spill Plugin beta*

We created a beta firefox plugin for the Oil Spill. Any mention of BP, the word is blacked out and oil drips down.

These are the current terms it matches on (case-insensitive):
BP (and BP oil, BP gas, BP worldwide, BP solar, BP global, BP PLC, BP P.L.C., BP.com)
Transocean (and Transocean LTD)
British Petroleum
Gulf Oil Spill
Deepwater Horizon (and Deep Horizon– some blogs have inaccurately mentioned the platform by this name.)

This is what it looks like when installed, when you search for BP.

We made this plugin turn any image taggged with BP to black and white and then under the photo its going to have oil drips.. and if you go to any official BP site, like their twitter, it turns everything black and the text is a dark grey. also any text that says: “oil” will have a underline drips.

Here is a landing page for the project.

We put that page up this morning and people are liking it, http://search.twitter.com/search?q=bp+firefox

A popular tweet is Want BP to fuck up your browser like they’ve fucked up the Gulf? Install the Oil Spill Firefox plugin from @jess3


We have been getting a lot of love from the media too,

This is what this blog post looks like with the plug-in installed


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