Ikea Facebook tagging campaign

Ikea Malmö moved from their old boring building in the outskirts to a shiny new one near the Svågertorp train station. The new Ikea is much larger, recycles everything, and uses only green electricity to boot in order to become the first Ikea with the smallest carbon footprint. In order to attract people to Ikea, ad agency Forsman and Bodenfors decided to advertise where the Swedes hang out all day. In a word: facebook.

But instead of a static banner showing off the showrooms, they decided to use Facebooks “tag” feature in photographs. They created a profile for the manager of this Ikea, and had him upload photographs of the new showrooms. The first person to tag an item with their own name in the photograph won it, making the photos spread like wildfire around Ikea-interested Malmö people on Facebook.

txt via adland

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