Hellman’s Eat Local, Eat Real: Infographic Movie

Ogilvy Toronto did this for the site eatrealeatlocal.ca/

The movie, with a graphical style similar to the Stranger than Fiction opening scene, is part of the campaign Eat Real, Eat Local [eatrealeatlocal.ca], by the Unilever brand Hellman’s. More information about the design process and creation of the movie can be found at the Glossy project page:

“We all found the statistics pretty eye opening. I think everyone involved changed the way we buy our food. Yoho’s wife had a baby girl in the middle of the project, and I grew a playoff beard which I’ve been reluctant to shave (just superstitious I guess). Challenges early on were the levels of legal approval the team at Unilever and Ogilvy had to go through on all the stats. Everyone wanted to make sure that the information was fair and irrefutable. All the food in the shoot was Canadian, which is no small challenge in spring. I don’t think I’ve ever been hugged by agency and their clients in twenty years in the business. That was definitely a high point.”

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