User Experience of The Future

I believe that the Wii remote represents a glimpse of user experience of the future. I use the term Wii remote lightly, its more likely going to be your cell phone that will allow you to point at stuff and interact with screens in public places. Imagine if when you paid for your parking in a garage you just pointed your cell phone at the machine. But it gets better. It’s not just pointing at the machine and you’re done … you have options. Yes, options. We also like dragging and dropping things. You can interact with a machine without touching it, which in itself is a step forward. But if you don’t have your cell phone with you, which is a whole other interesting issue, you could touch this interface and through a verification system click into your account and make whatever instant transaction was needed.


How come on an ATM you don’t drag and drop the amount of money to a bucket? How come it is still such a boring experience? Why hasn’t a premium bank emerged to provide such a unique experience in a world of cluttered ugly ATMs.

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