Chicago + Seed Conference + Moto + Alinea

Leslie and I hooked up with Evan Williams (blogger + twitter founder) and his wife for the 20 course tasting menu at Moto.

Saturday night Leslie and I had the 12 (+5) course meal at Alinea. We got a tour of the kitchen and met Grant Achatz (owner, founder, chef). The food was amazing. Alinea is in the same vein of Moto, which we visited earlier in the week: using powders, freeze drying techniques and the rest. We both agreed that Alinea is the clear winner. It was amazing.

On Sunday we had a wonderful brunch at Orange. Then went to a cool comic book store and a bunch of other fun stores including the Threadless store.

Sunday night we went to Kuma Corner, which has the best burgers ever. The frizzly onions as they call them are thin lovely fried onions. Magical.

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