Mixx.com is the new kid on the block, check ’em out. That same block that Kevin Rose of digg.com and pownce.com, del.icio.us of Yahoo, and all the rest. In the mixxingbowl a forum for mixx.com threads are discussing diggs heavy handed tactics and perhaps stirring up propaganda. I noticed if you search ‘mixx’ on digg.com you find some interesting quotes,

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    unitedstatians by unitedstatians on 11/16/2007

    There were top digg submitters on netscape too, bribed for their participation of course, look how the ‘thing’ turned out.

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    lisapham by lisapham on 10/11/2007

    Mixx has been labeled as the Digg killer. That is quite a reputation to live up to! I’ve been seeing some top Diggers on there too.

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    thecheat1 by thecheat1 on 11/05/2007

    I think it will be interesting to see where this goes …

Mixx is a local DC business. the Washington Post article puts it best, “Several factors have fueled the growth of the area’s Web 2.0 community. Layoffs at companies such as AOL have unleashed a flood of talent into the area, many of whom have gone on to found or join Internet companies.”

here are some local DC tech peeps on Mixx

Martin of Nclud

Alex of Nclud

Justin Thorpus


Jason Garber (Mixx developer)

Will Kern (Mixx PM, exAol)

Frank Gruber (Aol)

Mixx has images where digg or delicious doesn’t.

My final thought on Mixx is that it’s a nice looking site, that is colorful where digg is monochromatic. And the community seems to be strong there. I go where the conversation is happening … and right now it is on Mixx. See you there!

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