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by Jesse Thomas


Radiohead to Let Fans Pick the Price for New Album

Radiohead will be offering its newest album by digital download, allowing fans to pay whatever they think is a fair price for their newest 10 songs. The band will allow users to pay a minimum of 1 pence (plus a 45p credit card processing fee) to download the “In Rainbows” album from the band’s web site.

Given the band is no longer under contract with a label, they are free to distribute their own music how they best see fit. By cutting out the middle man (iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc.), they can charge fans much less to enjoy their music. The band had previously been with EMI for their last album, which was released in 2003.

Radiohead has never made their music available on iTunes, and it now appears they never will.

[via WSJ] via mashable

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