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by Leslie Bradshaw


How Content Is Not [Necessarily] King

Rather, content aggregation and context are (according to Bear Sterns analyst Spencer Wang, in his report “Why Aggregation and Context and Not [Necessarily] Content are King in Entertainment”.

His basic thesis, according to this article I’m reading in
AlwaysOn Magazine
:”The amount of online content choice continues to proliferate, and at exponential rates, the value of SMART AGGREGATION goes up.” (Emphasis added)

Looking at the Latin behind aggregate: we see it is from aggregtus, past participle of aggregre, to add to : ad-, ad- + gregre, to collect (from grex, greg-, flock). We are not just CREATING CONTENT … we are intelligently collecting, flocking together …

But how do we discern between good content and bad? right and wrong? without getting too philosophical, we really let the [free] market do it’s thang…

Basically, it’s the Zagatization of everything… “Everybody is a critic” (so says
David Carlick

And we count on our zagatian brethren to filter, cull, judge and evaluate.

This is a modern version of an age old law of economics: people are rational actors and left relatively unrestrained to make decisions, their collective opinion will generally result in the best possible outcome.

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