Google Toolbar 3.0

The Google Toolbar is great. I use it to search del.ico tags or amazon.. I find myself 80% of the time not going to the site and just searching from the browser.

A new feature in the Google Toolbar 3 Beta for Firefox and Google Toolbar 4 for IE is the ability to add search buttons for sites you search often. Google has a Button Gallery so you don’t have to go through the process of creating them yourself but the gallery is missing a lot of sites. EVEN their recent purchase, YouTube, doesn’t have a functional button!

Enhanced Search Box
As you type a search query into the new Toolbar’s search box, you’ll see a list of useful suggestions based on popular Google searches, spelling corrections and your own Toolbar search history and bookmarks. You can also click the ‘G’ icon in the search box to search different Google sites, the current site, or sites for which you’ve installed custom search buttons.

Google Toolbar for Firefox has been discontinued. IE is still supported.

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