Which Came First, Word-of-Mouth Marketing or Marketing Worthy of Word-of-Mouth

I met John at the WOMMA conference in dc last week.. he is truly inspiring.

In this presentation, John asks the question … which came first, Word-of-Mouth Marketing or Marketing worthy of Word-of-Mouth?

“It’s like the “Chicken or the Egg” debate which separates those who believe in Creationism and those who believe in Evolutionism.

A similar, albeit much less culturally significant, debate is being waged these days by marketers all over the world. There are marketers who believe WOM can be created and there are marketers who believe the only way to generate long-lasting WOM is for it to evolve from a remarkable product, service, or experience.”

The big idea is “building your business, builds your brand”.

also check out these powerpoint slides from the presentation I saw john give

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