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by Jesse Thomas


Educational Interactive Response Systems

the class responds to the teachers comments using a personal remote system. and your answers are tracked

so like the teacher says 4 + 4 :: and you put 9 .. you get a x, she can track how many students got x’s and thus change her lesson plan.

the days of slackin are over :: ppl are always gonna be able to look at some one pushing the button.. but it makes one accountable for knowing everything.
it is very interesting technology.. and if it was fully integrated with school, would change the climate for learning.. interesting stuff..

the teacher can:

1. Author questions using the Chalkboard for later delivery (great
for reducing time creating questions with math symbols for example)

2. Author questions incorporating graphics and annotating the
graphics for later delivery

3. Deliver questions dynamically writing the questions into the
Chalkboard during the class from any location in the

4. Control your in-class delivery via the CPS Chalkboard while
moving about the classroom

5. Annotate questions after receiving results from the class

6. Create and use template or use eInstruction provided templates

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