Colour Lovers

//// COLOURlovers:: a place to view, rate and review some lovely colours & palettes. the idea is to create a place of color inspiration where a designer of any sort can see new and lovely colours… find out what colors are hot, what work well in other uses… and simply make some love with colour.

what is this?
it is a international collection of colour lovers. a visual inspiration site, where you can find, rate, review and love colours.

how is my rating calculated?
points are given for activities that share the love. point break down follows:
submitting a new colour: 5
commenting on a colour: 2
comments on your colour: 1
voting for a colour: 5
votes for your colour: ? equal to the vote
commenting on a profile: 2
comments on your profile: 1

who runs this?
darius monsef is a creative person who loves colours.

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