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this is something where I got the outsider view, I don’t use facebook.. I don’t have a .edu address, but i do talk to ppl about things like this, and a lot of ppl mentioned this.. one in particular said “this is the death of facebook”.. this just shows how fast you go from king of the hill (friendster, yahoo, napster) to some new site (myspace, google, itunes) and you look back and say how did that happen? we just got beat by low tech.. I always say “loyalty is thin on the Internet” users jump ship when they see something better, and sometimes just cause they are bored with your ship. ppl see these sites numbers of hits, and don’t realize that hits are more like a crowd watching a crowd.. and if you lose the inner crowd.. you have nothing… so this year myspace is no 1.. in 2 years they could be number 2,000..

i use linkedin.com and i have made a lot of interesting things happen thru that.. i was impressed by some of the unique features it offers, like.. being able to upload a list of emails and it shows you who has an account. what i did was take a list of ad agency emails i procured =) .. and i pushed them thru this widget on the site for “adding contacts”.. and it showed me who the people were, some CEOs, art directors, marketing managers.. nyc, london, paris.. good shit.. I sent everyone who had an account an email with a link to my portfolio and an invite.. things have gone well.

I love telling that story.. it opens ppls minds to what is possible with these types of things.. i suppose the flip side is people married thru a meeting based on a chat thru the internet?

business deals.. and money? love… and marriage?

I remember this old woman who owned this company I worked for, rich… important.. she was bragging that she sold her car on ebay.com???

I just see that as the tip of the iceberg.. pretty big iceberg..

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