Get Rich

so. for all you haters out there… prepare to be proven wrong. i read a couple of the reviews for “get rich or die trying” before seeing it last night. Including “Mildly engaging but very far from being for 50 Cent what 8 Mile was for Eminem”.

This movie is filmed intelligently.. lots of supporting characters reinforce the story.. and curtis “fiddy cent” jackson delivers a breakthru performance… that I am comparing to eminems role in 8mile. The story follows fifty from his childhood growing up with a drug dealer mother, to rising to gangsta rap glory. There is also a romantic backstory, with a very attractive Joy Bryant. I highly recommend this movie. I saw it with my boy Pat, and he is a huge 50cent hater. and he loved it.. I also saw it with my boy Jason and he gave it 6 out of 4 stars…

i was inspired to do this..

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