What Makes a Good Blog?

As a kid one might of tuned in to your dad’s short-wave radio to listen to voices from around the world.

“It was like listening to broadcasts from another planet,” says Ms Jardin, who says she
now gets the same thrill from blogging.

“If you post some obscure experience, you may receive emails from all over the world from people with experiences to share,” she says. “It’s crazy knowing you are part of this exchange of ideas with people all over the world.”


Michael Hyatt’s Corporate Blogging Guidelines

Google to get into Video Blogging
OurMedia is only about two weeks old and Google already is announcing they are getting into the Video Blogging scene.

Dare watches MSN Spaces for interesting blogs

Dare Obasanjo works on the MSN Spaces team and is watching that service for interesting blogs. Here’s a few that he found.

The problem is that they aren’t tech blogs. Dare notes that as well: “What I like most about these Spaces is that their content is [mostly] not what you find in the Technorati Top 100 list which is dominated by men talking about technology and politics or women talking about sex. The above spaces just have regular people sharing the interesting and the mundane in their lives which sometimes do involve technology, politics and sex.

Why let your ad agency write your blog?
Global Neighborhoods



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