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i have a new site to tell you about. SUPRNOVA.ORG this new peer2peer network is basically your typical p2p, except its offline.. everyone has converted albums, movies, games, applications.. into what are called torrents or bittorrents.. so when you download “the new kanye west album” from the site you’re downloading a bit from me a bit from the guy in russia a bit from that girl in NYC.. just like kazaa or bearshare or whatnot.. the thing i love about BITTORRENTS is.. it can never be stopped.. cause unlike kazaa, there is no program holding it all together.. its like kazaa without kazaa.. if that makes sense.. peer2peer without the 2 .. its just peer peer sharing.. does that still not make sense? dont worry how it works.. just click on the link and click on music .. then pick a genre. and you now have access to every live show.. every mixtape… every movie, every thing. muawahahawahawhawha

FIRST download the little program that lets you do this . BitTorrent EXPERIMENTAL download client

Suprnova gives you the filename. the file size . and then it can get tricky.. the blue number is how many ppl are SHARING that file.. the green number is how many ppl are DOWNLOADING that file. so..using some common sense.. one can deduce that a file that is 900mb with 29 ppl SHARING and 120 ppl DOWNLOADING is gonna take a while.. basically the rule of thumb is you want less ppl downloading than sharing..

bottom line.

suprnova is a software program for trading songs. … suprnova is distributed, self-organizing network and allows users to share digital media other than music. …

props to my boy ted.. who showed me whats up with this internet computer thing

i downloaded all these mp3s in the last couple weeks.

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