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Artist Spotlight – Justine Khamara

The JESS3 team loves artists. Their pioneering spirit, the narratives that are contained within their work, and the sheer beauty of what they do. This week, we’re paying special attention to Melbourne-based photographer Justine Khamara. Khamara is, technically, a portrait artist, but you won’t see many smiling faces in her work – in fact, you [...]


Food Photography: Nature and Artifice

A lot of the food we eat has been engineered not for nutrition or even taste, but for beauty and longevity. How can you tell? Just think about the last time you looked at a Red Delicious apple. Now think about the last time you ate a Red Delicious apple. Case closed. Inspired by this [...]


9 Annoying Things Every Designer Does

Normally we’re here to sing the praises of good design and designers (or to tell you that dogs are cute). But having a good sense of humor about yourself is always important too, so today we’ve got something different: a list of embarrassing traits every designer shares, from the self-aware folks at Spiralytics. And oh, [...]


One Bright Dot – Beautiful Storytelling

Oh wow. Clément Morin knows gorgeous design. Check out his insane animation, One Bright Dot, and prepare to submerge your eyes in a beautiful sea of wonder. One Bright Dot from Clément Morin on Vimeo. Source:


MyIdol: Lose Yourself in your Digital Selfie

Sorry, but I’m about to introduce you to your next addiction. MyIdol is just too cool to not share. What’s a MyIdol? Just an app that every one is talking about. MyIdol is a free Chinese app that will make you want to learn the language – not that the app’s hard to figure out. [...]


Redefining the Clock

We’re a snap-happy culture these days. We take more pictures than were taken in the entirety of the 1800s every two minutes. But with so many pictures being taken every day, it’s easy to lose the best ones in the crowd. And that sucks, especially when those pictures lost in the shuffle are of friends [...]


The Diwani Chair: A Scripted Seat

Furniture inspired by calligraphy doesn’t seem like the most exciting idea, but if this is the result, we can get into it. Check out Ahmed ElHusseiny’s gorgeous Diwani Chair. ElHusseiny, of AE Superlab, took his cue from the Arabic Diwani script to create the unusual rocking chair. Its flowing shape and dozens of wooden “ribs” [...]


Interactive Projections Will Blow Your Mind

We have just one thing to say: these interactive projections by artist Aakash Nihalani are bafflingly gorgeous and mesmerizing. They’re cool enough in a still image. But check out what happens in GIF form. The best part: the people in these GIFs aren’t following a pattern. The pattern is following them, meaning every interaction with [...]


Squarespace: Branding With Analog And Digital Assets

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for an impressive length of time, you’ve heard of Squarespace. They get rave reviews for their intuitive-yet-powerful website builder, blogging platform, and hosting service. Recently, Squarespace New York teamed up with Pawel Nolbert and Karol Kolodzinski to create a new twist on their logo. Using painted and digital [...]


Full Grown: Trees As You’ve Never Seen Them

You might look at this picture and think that a farm doesn’t seem like the right thing for a design blog to feature. Ordinarily, you’d be right, except that this farm belongs to UK-based company Full Grown, and it’s not for growing food, or lumber, or any other kind of raw materials. Guess what this [...]