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For the celebri-stalker in all of us comes High Rollaz, the latest web and mobile application offering from Deustch LA. A core team of five creatives built the app from the ground up in just two weeks.

The premise for the game is simple: guess how much each celebrity is worth. The object: correctly guess if the celebrity – ranging from actors, to vocalists, to politicians, to athletes – is worth more or less than the boldfaced dollar amount. The results: surprising and depressing, to say the least. Get ready to feel despondent about the state of your finances.

The free app, available online or for mobile, is simple, engaging and easy to use. I’ll even admit it’s somewhat addictive – not in large doses, but in small “bored on the computer” breaks. I was surprised by some of the net worths I learned…

I thought for sure Courtney’s net worth would be lower. She must not have lost too much dough when she lost the “-Arquette” portion of her last name.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the Governator is worth this much. *Insert appropriate Arnold quote here.*

Perhaps the most shocking, Lil Tunechi himself is only worth $95 million. That’s small potatoes compared to the $320 million Sir Elton John is worth. Age still trumps attitude, I suppose. Here are a few more revelations I’ll leave you with.

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